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Compliance, Standards, and Regulations Made Easy With LMS TRG


ndis and iso compliance training

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Online ISO and Management System Training

Management Systems

Foundation, Internal, and Lead Auditor courses.
Online NDIS Training


Certification, Verification & Mid-Term Audit Ready Program.

NDIS ISO Training Checklist and E-Books

Checklists & E-Books

Audit Checklists, Registers, Templates, and more!
ISO NDIS In-House Training

Management Systems Support

Customised Trainings, Gap Assessment and Internal Audit Services

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NDIS Internal Auditor Online Training

NDIS Internal Auditor Training

Start your NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) Internal Auditor course today and be on your way to embed excellence, reduce risks and become ready for your Initial/Mid-term NDIS audit.

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NDIS Certification Bundle Online Training

NDIS Certification Audit

The LMS TRG's NDIS Certification Bundle covers all the necessary steps required to pass the audit successfully. Furthermore, you will have access to a range of NDIS policies, procedures, forms, registers, and templates that are readily available for use.

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ISO Integrated Management Systems (IMS) External/Lead Auditor Online Training

IMS Lead Auditor

Upon completing the course with success, you will acquire comprehensive knowledge on ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 as well as the skills to function as a lead auditor. The course will provide you with readily available templates and instructional resources.

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Why LMS TRG works

NDIS ISO Audit Tool Proven Audit Success

Proven Audit Success

Implement the standards and achieve certification with the help of our self-paced training program and templates.


NDIS Audit and ISO Compliance Training

Save Time and Money

We remove the hassle that can come with doing it yourself with no drop in quality! On top of that, you’ll eliminate the huge price tag that comes with consultants.

NDIS and ISO Templates, Policies and Procedures, Registers and Templates

Required Templates

Created by experts, we make standards & regulations easy to understand and simple to implement.



NDIS Audit and ISO Compliance Training Updates

Access to Updates

you will get access to ongoing updates for the program and templates for twelve months

Who We Are?

At core, LMS TRG is a compliance consulting and training organisation that builds and delivers powerful and practical products for people and businesses. Born and bred in Melbourne, Australia with an amazing team of expert auditors, consultants, and entrepreneurs.

Our area of expertise lies in providing training and guidance on compliance with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO). We also assist organisations in implementing effective management systems that are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. Our comprehensive approach to compliance training and management systems ensures our clients have the knowledge and tools necessary to meet regulatory requirements and industry standards. We are committed to helping our clients achieve success and maintain a culture of excellence in their operations.

We Care for each other, our members, and our society.

We Dare to discover and experiment, trying to be different and be fearless, and innovative.

We share our knowledge and experience, work together and continue to support our members.

NDIS and ISO Management System Training

FREE 10-Week Email Course

Audit & Compliance Essentials

Join now and get started today! Learn how to become audit-ready and save! 

This course is suitable for the staff and managers interested to gain essential knowledge about auditing and evaluation of compliance. With the completion of this course, you will learn about:

  • Audit and Compliance
  • Importance of compliance
  • Conformity and non-conformity
  • Steps to evaluate the compliance
  • Objective evidence
  • Compliance/Audit report structure

✅ Take the first step towards compliance and auditing
✅ Learn the exact steps we use to make auditing easy
✅ Ready-to-use templates and guides

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