The Nine Essentials 

Induction Kit

for NDIS Workers & Providers


Demonstrating compliance with NDIS practice standards: Demonstrates NDIS providers' commitment to compliance and high-quality care, meeting NDIS practice standards requirements.

Effective method to share NDIS essentials with NDIS support workers:   LMS TRG efficiently delivers essential NDIS training to staff, eliminating the need for in-person sessions and enabling simultaneous training across multiple locations.

Online and self-paced: The courses being online and self-paced allow learners to have flexibility in starting and completing the training at their convenience.

Time and cost savings: LMS TRG nine essentials save time and money for NDIS providers. In-person training is costly and time-consuming due to scheduling, travel, and material preparations.

Certificate of achievement: Certificate of achievement upon successful completion. 

The Nine Essentials Induction Kit for NDIS support Workers & Providers

NDIS Code of Conduct: Upholding Ethical Standards and Participant Well-being
Manual Handling: Safely Supporting Individuals with Care and Confidence
Effective Waste Management: Promoting Safe Waste Management Practices
Essentials of Risk Management: Minimising Uncertainties, Maximising Success
PPE, Infection Control and Cough Etiquette     
Essentials of Medication Management: Ensuring Safe and Effective Administration
Efficient Incident and Accident Management for NDIS: Ensuring Safety and Prompt Resolution
Mastering the Complex Regulations of NDIS Behaviour Support and Restrictive Practice Compliance
Mitigate Fall Risks with Effective Controls: Safeguarding Against Accidents and Promoting Safety

The Nine Essentials Induction Kit

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✅ All modules templates (NDIS Policies, Procedures and Templates) -Editable NDIS policies, procedures, and templates in downloadable Word format
Instant Access- Immediately access all NDIS templates and step-by-step guide upon enrollment without any waiting time
Save Time and Money - We remove the hassle and pain that can come with doing it yourself, you’ll eliminate the huge price tag
Ongoing Support - Personalised support and expert guidance. Assist in NDIS Audit preparation 
NDIS Internal Audit- Internal audit by experienced NDIS and management systems auditors
✅ Latest Updates and Changes - Access NDIS updates and ongoing support for twelve months from the time of enrolment

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