Understanding NDIS Support Plans

Have you found yourself grappling with uncertainty about the essential components to include in an NDIS support plan? Are you pondering over the significance of having support plans altogether? Perhaps the concept of a support plan remains unfamiliar to you. Let’s break it down.

An NDIS support plan is a personalised document detailing the services, goals, and funding allocated for people with disabilities. It's essential because it ensures that individuals receive customised assistance tailored to their needs and ambitions. By having this plan, participants can access the right support, empowering them to lead more independent and fulfilling lives while effectively utilising available resources. Below is a list of the main information you will need to capture in a participant's support plan: 

Participant details

The support plan begins with basic participant information, including their name, contact details, date of birth, emergency contact details and NDIS participant number. This section establishes a clear reference for the plan and ensures accuracy in tracking services.

 Cultural and Individual Factors

The NDIS acknowledges the importance of cultural and individual factors in a participant's life. The support plan can include considerations related to language preferences, cultural practices, and other individual characteristics to ensure that the support provided is respectful and effective. It is important that the support plan is provided to the participant in the language, mode of communication and terms that they are most likely to understand.

Service Providers

If the participant is receiving services from other providers, they can include the details of them in their support plan. When suitable and with the participant's agreement, the support plan is shared with their support network, other service providers, and relevant government bodies.



Participant Needs

Important information that the worker assisting the participant would need to know e.g., dietary requirements, assistance with abilities such as mobility, help with communication etc.

According to the NDIS Practice Standards, each participant’s support plan should include arrangements, where required, for proactive support for preventative health measures, including support to access recommended vaccinations, dental check-ups, comprehensive health assessments and allied health services.

It also states that the participant’s support plan should anticipate and incorporate responses to individual, provider and community emergencies and disasters to ensure their safety, health and wellbeing.

About the Participant, Goals and Preferences

At the heart of every support plan are the participant's goals and aspirations. These can be short-term and long-term goals that encompass various life domains, such as independence, social engagement, education, employment, and more. It's also valuable to add a participant summary, along with their preferences and things they don't like. This gives participants a way to note down specific information for the people assisting them.

Risk Assessment

According to the NDIS Practice Standards, the team, in collaborative efforts with participants, should regularly conduct risk assessments and document them within their support plans. Appropriate strategies are subsequently formulated and executed to address identified risks. These assessments involve evaluating the extent to which participants rely on the provider's services to fulfill their daily living requirements, and the potential impact on their health and safety should these services face any disruptions.

Review of Support Plan

According to the NDIS Practice Standards, each support plan is reviewed annually or earlier in collaboration with each participant, according to their changing needs or circumstances. It is recommended to include the next review date in the support plan.


In summary, the act of participants signing their NDIS support plans ensures that they have been included in the making of their support plans. This teamwork between participants and service providers ensures everyone is on the same page and understands each other. This united approach makes the support system work better, helping people feel more in control and like they're part of a team.



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