Are You Ready For Your NDIS Audit? Do You Know Your Rights And Responsibilities?

PROBONO Australia has published LMS TRG’s article about the auditee's rights and responsibilities and how to get audit-ready.

Several things have to be done to become ready for the NDIS audit. From establishing the NDIS policies, procedures, templates, and business processes, to conducting an NDIS internal audit

Knowing your rights and responsibilities will help to improve the quality and effectiveness of the audit. In this article, we’ll be answering the ten most frequently asked questions about the auditee’s rights and responsibilities. The below questions have been addressed in detail in this Article.

1. Can I select my approved quality auditor (AQA)?

2. Can I select my preferred auditor (i.e. person)?

3. What has to be prepared on the day of the audit?

4. Do I have to be present on the day of the audit?

5. Can I seek help/recommendation from my auditor?

6. What if I get an audit nonconformity?

7. How do I know if a nonconformity is a valid/legitimate nonconformity?

8. What if I disagree with a nonconformity?

9. What if my feedback was not addressed by the AQA?

10. Do I have to pay for the follow-up audit?

To read more about your rights and responsibilities and how to become NDIS Audit-Ready, click here.


Knowledge is power

Being an auditee does not have to be stressful, but it often is. Knowing your rights and responsibilities is essential in helping you overcome stress. To achieve such an outcome, you should learn about the NDIS audit, become familiar with the process, and learn how it works. 

LMS TRG’s NDIS Internal Auditor training is an online self-paced course developed exclusively for NDIS providers. This course intends to give essential knowledge and skills on performing internal audits to become ready for the NDIS audit.


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