New NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators - Effective 15th November 2021

From 15th November 2021 providers will be assessed against the updated NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. The amendments create three new NDIS Practice Standards:

  1. Mealtime Management (4.4 Core Module Clause 26A) - Division 4 -  applicable to providers who provide support to participants who require assistance to manage mealtimes (e.g. those with mild dysphagia, etc). 
  2. Emergency and Disaster Management (Core Module Clause 18A) - Division 2 -  applicable to providers on the Certification Pathway. 
  3. Severe Dysphagia Management (Module 1 Clause 30A) -  applicable to providers who provide high-intensity supports to participants with severe dysphagia. 

A number of other standards have also been amended:

  • Verification Module - HR Management, Risk Management
  • Core Module Division 2 - Risk Management, HR Management, Continuity of Supports
  • Core Module Division 3 - Support Planning, Service Agreements, Responsive Support Provision, Transitions to or from the provider
  • Core Module Division 4 - Safe Environment, Waste Management
  • Core Module 4.5 - Management of Waste (No longer Core Module 4.4)
  • Module 3 - Early Childhood Supports Module - The Child 

Download the NDIS Amended Quality Indicators and see the changes in Yellow

Download the National Disability Insurance Scheme Legislation Amendment (Quality Indicators) Guidelines_Updated_Nov 3rd 2021(1)(1)

Transitioning providers to the new standards: 

Applications for registration made on or after 15 November 2021

The new Standards will come into effect immediately from 15th Nov 2021, for all applications made on or after the 15th November 2021 (new or renewing) undertaking Verification, Stage 1, Stage 2, or Re-certification audits.

Applications in progress on 15 November 2021

If an application (new or renewing) commenced prior to the 15th November 2021 and the audit process is not completed before 15th November 2021, the new Standards will come into effect. This is for providers undertaking Verification, Stage 1, Stage 2, or Re-certification audits.

Transitional arrangements for existing registered NDIS providers and mid-term audits

For registered Providers due for their Mid-Term audit, there will be a transition period for each of the 3 new standards:

  • Mealtime Management standard – not applicable for mid-term audits between 15th Nov – 12th Dec 2021; will be auditable from 13th Dec 2021.
  • Emergency & Disaster Management standard – not applicable for mid-term audits between 15th Nov 2021– 23rd Jan 2022; will be auditable from 24th Jan 2022 for all applicable Providers.
  • Severe Dysphagia Management standard – no transition period, will be auditable from 15th November 2021 for all applicable Providers.




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