NDIS Certification Audit Preparation Program


NDIS Policies, Procedures and Templates


All you need to know about NDIS registration/renewal process. Obtain policies & procedures

 Pass your NDIS Audit

NDIS Registration/Renewal Program 

NDIS Policies, Procedures, Forms, and Templates

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✅ 100% Audit Success Rate - LMS TRG's systems have a 100% audit success rate when it comes to NDIS Verification/Certification Audit

✅ All modules templates (NDIS Policies, Procedures and Templates) -NDIS policies, procedures, and templates (word format, editable, downloadable)

Instant Access- No waiting time. Access to all materials right after your enrolment

Save Time and Money - We remove the hassle and pain that can come with doing it yourself, you’ll eliminate the huge price tag that comes with consultants

Ongoing Support - Assist in audit preparation and closing audit nonconformities

✅ Access to Templates and Updates (24/7) - Access to all updates and ongoing support for twelve months from the time of enrolment


From 15th November, 2021 providers will be assessed against the updated NDIS Practice Standards and Quality Indicators. The amendments create three new NDIS Practice Standards:

  1. Mealtime management (4 Core ModuleClause 26A) - Division 4 -  applicable to providers who provide support to participants who require assistance to manage mealtimes (e.g. those with mild dysphagia etc). 
  2. Emergency and Disaster Management (Core Module Clause 18A) - Division 2 -  applicable to providers on the Certification Pathway. 
  3. Severe Dysphagia Management (Module 1 Clause 30A) -  applicable to providers who provide high-intensity supports to participants with severe dysphagia.
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What You'll Find Inside this Bundle


"Highly recommend for anyone including non NDIS providers getting started. The documents are so easy to edit to your needs and add business information to. After using another company and wasting a month having to proof read and amend grammar and  spelling mistakes all the way through, these files were so EASY to work with. Well written, professional, easy to use. Thank you."



"Very professional knowledgeable team of humble people who genuine do serve,support, guide and hold their clients accountable throughout their journey to reach goals.They were extremely responsive to any form of contact we made and attended our needs beyond expectation. Thank you team for a pleasantly guided memorable journey - very grateful"



"Just wanted to thank you, used your course and policy docs, it helped me to save time and was high quality material and straight to the point." 



Key Topics of NDIS Certification Bundle

✅ Core + All high-risk modules templates (Policies, Procedures, and forms)
✅ How to become ready for your initial or mid-term audit
✅ Steps to complete your self-assessment and registration
✅ Key information about NDIS audit process and registration
✅ Assist in finding Approved Quality Auditors
✅ Ongoing support

Enrol Now $1,490.00 AUD (inc.GST)
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Policies and Procedures

Core Module Policies and Procedures

Decision Making And Choice Policy And Procedure
Participants Rights And Responsibilities Policy And Procedure
Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander People Policy And Procedures
Violence, Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation And Discrimination
Person-Centred Supports Policy And Participant Service Charter Of Right
Advocacy Support Policy And Procedure
Individual Values And Beliefs Policy And Procedure
Privacy And Dignity Policy And Procedure
Confidentiality Policy And Procedure
Management Of Data Breach Policy And Procedure
Delegation Of Responsibility Policy And Procedure
Quality Management Policy
Care Assessment And Review Policy And Procedure
Participant Case Notes Policy And Procedure
Consent Policy And Procedure
Succession Planning Policy And Procedure
Compliance Policy And Procedure
Continous Improvement Polcy And Procedure
Risk Management Policy And Procedure
Workplace Health And Safety Policy And Procedure
Information Management Policy And Procedure
Providing Information And Referral Policy And Procedure
Financial Management Policy And Procedure
Human Resources Policy And Procedure
Conflict Of Interest Policy And Procedure
Preferred Method Of Communication Policy And Procedure
NDIS Worker Screening Check Policy And Procedure
Disputes And Grievances Policy And Procedure
Equity And Anti-Discrimination Policy And Procedure
Workplace Incident Management Policy And Procedure
Complaints, Compliments And Feedback Policy And Procedure
Participant Incident Management Policy And Procedure
NDIS Participants Charter
Continuity Of Support Policy And Procedure
Zero Tolerance Policy
Access To Supports Policy And Procedures
Service Access Policy And Procedure
Support Planning And Service Agreement Collaboration Policy And Procedures
Support Planning Policy And Procedures
Responsive Support Provision And Management Policy And Procedure
Service Agreement With Participants Policy And Procedure
Service Delivery And Participation Policy And Procedure
Non-Response To Scheduled Visit Policy And Procedure
Telehealth Policy
Service Exit And Transition Policy And Procedure
Participant Monies Policy And Procedure
Disaster Management
Emergency Management Policy And Procedure
Safety And Security Policy And Procedure
Physical Accessibiilty Policy And Procedure
Food Storage & Preparation Policy And Procedure
Vehicle Policy And Procedure
Participant Money And Property Policy And Procedure
Infection Control Policy And Procedure
Chemical Usage And Storage Policy And Procedure
Medication Policy And Procedure
Waste Management Policy And Procedure

Module One (1) Policies and Procedures

Urinary Catheter Management Policy And Procedure
Enternal Feeding & Management Policy And Procedure
Tracheostomy Policy And Procedure
Urinary Catheter Management Policy And Procedure
Ventilation Management Policy
Subcutaneous Injection Policy And Procedure
Wound Management Policy And Procedure
Severe Dysphagia Management Policy And Procedure
Diabetes Management Policy And Procedure
Seizure Management Policy And Procedure
Stoma Care Policy

Module Two (2, 2a) Policies and Procedures

Positive Behaviour Support Policy And Procedure
Restrictive Practices Policy And Procedure

Module Three (3) Policies and Procedures

Child Safety Policy And Procedure

Module Four (4) Policies and Procedures

Support Coordination Policy And Procedure 
Conflict Of Interest Policy And Procedure

Module Five (5) Policies and Procedures

SDA Policy
NDIS SDA Conflict Of Interest Declaration

Forms and Templates

General (Core Module) Forms and Templates

Delegation of Authority
Incident-Event register
Complaint-Feedback Register
Risk Assessed Role Register
Waste and Risks Register
Risk Assessment Register
Compliance Register
Asset Register 
Aboriginal Engagement Procedure
Act as an Advocate Form
Business Continuity Risk Assessment
Simple Guide for Business-Planning
Business Plan Template
Cash Card Clause
Cash Reconciliation Form
Client File Audit checklist
Code of Conduct
Complaints Form
Conflict of Interest Form
Continues Improvement Register
Emergency Plan Form
Feedback form
Hazard Form
Hazard Identification Register
Home Safety Checklist
Incident Form
Internal audit Schedule
Meeting Minutes
Risk Indemnity Form
WHS Checklist
Commission - Pamphlet
Commission Participant Information Pack
Commission Participant-letter
Hazardous Substances Checklist
Disaster and Contingency Plan
Waste Risk Assessment Checklist
Vehicle Safety Check Sheet
New Plant-Asset Hazard Checklist
Root Cause Analysis Form

HR/Staff - Forms and Templates

Disciplinary Procedure Flow Chart
Job Candidate Interview Form
Job Description Form
New Staff Checklist
Organisation Chart
Skill Assessment Form
Staff Contract Sample
Staff Exit Form
Staff Handbook
Staff Induction Checklist
Staff Time-sheet
Staff Training Tracker
Risk Assessment Guide-Checklist Support Workers
Employee or Contractor Details Form
Support worker Performance appraisal
TFN Declaration Form
The Fair Work Information Statement
Training Needs Analysis

Participants - Forms and Templates

Basic Client Manual Handing Plan
Easy Read Consent
Easy Read Documents Consolidated
Individual Risk Assessment Checklist
Individual Risk Assessment Form
Participant Consent Form
Participant Cover Page
Participant Exit or Transition Form
Participant Handbook
Participant Intake Checklist
Participant Intake Form
Participant Review Form
Participants Property Register
Progress Notes Template
Service Agreement/Schedule of Support
Support Plan Template
Participant's File Audit Checklist

Medication Forms and templates

Administration of Medication Evaluation
Medication Form & Consent
Medication Incident Form
Medication Management Checklist
Medication Audit Checklist
PRN Care Plan
S8 Medication Risk Assessment
Medication Chart Form
Medication Risk Identification Checklist

Mealtime Management Policy and Templates

Mealtime Management Policy and Procedure
Food Diary Form
Mealtime Management Plan Form
Nutrition and Swallowing Risk Checklist
Nutrition Assessment

Module One (1) - Forms and Templates

Seizure Record Form
Bowel Chart Form
Catheter Care Form
Catheter Care Plan
Complex Bowel Care Plan
Daily Intake and Output Form
Diabetes Care Plan
Enteral Feed Care Plan Form
Injection Record Form
Insulin Sign Off Form
Manual Handling Participant Care Plan
Medication Chart Form
Medication Incident Form
Nursing Assessment
Nutrition and Swallowing Risk Form
PEG Feed Care Plan
Peg Tube Feeding Assessment
Tracheostomy Care Plan
Ventilation Care Plan
Wound Treatment Form
Injection Technique
Wound Mangement Chart
High Intensity Care Assessment Form
Barden Scale Risk Assessment Tool
Comprehensive Skin Assessment
Doctors Order
Participant Weight Chart
PRN Intake Checklist
Subcutaneous Injections Doctor’s Order
Telephone Order for Medical Practitioner
Tracheostomy and Ventilator Observation Chart
Ventilation Schedule
Severe Dysphagia Management plan Form
Evaluation of competency-High intensity support activity
Epilepsy Management Plan  Seizure unrestricted
Emergency My-Diabetes Plan
Diabetes Emergency
Weekly sleep chart
Oral Care Plan

Module Two (2,2a) - Forms and Templates

Restrictive Practice Reporting and Monitoring Register
Detailed-guidance-re portable-incidents-detailed-guidance-registered
Fact sheet covid 19 behaviour support and restrictive practices
Portal user guide monthly reporting restrictive-practices
Prescribing psychotropic medication-intellectual disability
Self assessment resource guide PBS capability framework
Behaviour Support Plan Template
Interim Behaviour Support Plan Template
Restrictive Practices Monthly Reporting
Restrictive Practice Reporting
Behaviour Observation Chart (including Supported Accommodation)
Interim behaviour support plan template

Module Four (4) - Forms and Templates

Specialist Support Coordination Manual
Billable - Non-Billable Supports
Conflict of Interest Declaration
Coordination of Supports - 8 Week Progress Report
Support coordination 9 month review
Support Coordination Plan
Support coordination service agreement
Support Coordination Support Plan

Module Five (5) SDA - Forms and Templates

SDA Conflict Of Interest
Preventative Maintenance
SDA Service Agreement
SDA Inspection checklist
SIL Service Agreement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this program (NDIS Certification Bundle) for?

LMS TRG's audit-ready program is available for all potential or current NDIS service providers within Australia. Providers who are about to become NDIS registered or have to be audited by Approved Quality Auditors and deal with the complexity of registration, setting up their quality system or audit process, will find LMS TRG's audit-ready program valuable.

Why I must become prepared for the audit?

As an NDIS potential or current provider, you must demonstrate that you are complying with NDIS Standards and NDIS Quality Indicator Guidelines. You will be audited by one of the NDIS Approved Quality Auditors. The result of the audit will allow you to start or continue your operation as an NDIS registered service provider.

What are the benefits of the LMS TRG's audit-ready program?

The LMS TRG's audit-ready program has demystified the NDIS requirements relates to registration and audit for you. It includes all NDIS required policies, procedures, templates you may need to pass your NDIS audit.  This program is 100% online and you can complete the program at your own pace. No need to pay thousands of dollars to consultants to give you Information. We have done the hard work for you and developed a very user-friendly program.

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