NDIS Verification Audit Preparation Training


Verification Module Policy & Procedures Templates  


Learn about the NDIS registration process. Obtain policies & procedures. Pass your NDIS Audit.

Stress free, no consultant required!

Learn the NDIS Registration Process and Obtain your Forms, Templates, Policies and Procedures

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Gain knowledge and make your NDIS Audit a breeze!  

Training and Templates Bundle 

LMS TRG’s comprehensive audit ready program is an online, self-paced course that demystifies the NDIS registration process, registration groups and document preparation.

✅ Proven Audit Success - we will break down the NDIS registration requirements into easy-to-follow action plan so you can prepare your business to become a Registered NDIS Provider.

✅ Save Time and Money - We remove the hassle and pain that can come with doing it yourself with no drop in quality! You’ll eliminate the huge price tag that comes with consultants.

✅ Ready To Use Templates - Access ready-made NDIS templates, policies and procedures developed by experts which can be implemented effortlessly.

✅ Access to Updates - you will get access to ongoing updates for the program and templates for twelve months


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What You'll Find Inside this Bundle


  • What does it mean to be audited

  • Verification audit cycle

  • Registration process and obtaining the initial scope of audit

  • Obtaining audit quotes and understanding the content

  • Worker screening & HR check

  • Required Policies & Procedures

  • What to do during the audit

  • What to do if you get any non-conformities?

  • Post audit activities


Policy and Procedures Document List

The bundle includes thirty-three (33) template form, manual and supporting guides such as

  • Verification Policy and Procedure Manual
  • HR Checklist
  • Business Continuity Assessment/Risk assessment
  • New Employees Checklist
  • Service Agreement
  • Complaints Form
  • Complaints Register
  • Feedback Form
  • Hazard Identification Register
  • Incident Form
  • Incident Register
  • Home Safety Checklist
  • Business Plan Template

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"the way the course is split in small sections is really good. Good resources and overall enjoyable."


- Manoj

"I purchased the verification course and happy to say it helped me pass my audit. I am doing low risk household tasks. You can use this as my testimonial."



"Just wanted to thank you, used your course and policy docs, it helped me to save time and was high quality material and straight to the point." 


- Sandra

Learn the NDIS registration process and obtain your forms, templates, policies and procedures

Enrol now $490.00

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